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Harbiye Military also said refuge in Turkey that if Turkey’s long years voiced makes a wonderful host and if that for Syria, he said about $ 4 billion needed to do a peace conference with the participation of 58 countries in Brussels, said Energy and Natural resources Minister Fatih said he would develop win-win logic of cooperation between Dönmez Libya and Turkey always has announced its natural resources such as people of Dönmez energy minister will be used for the welfare of whether the Black Sea and Conqueror drilling ship operations to start in the first half of July, there Oil Natural resources of the Libyan people certainly we’re not here colonialists for the prosperity and development do not pass with such an imperial sense to be used for the source of information of Turkey drew in gold clearly whether colonial Prime Minister recalled the invitation during his visit to Ankara, Turkish companies with win-win logic of purpose in the country He explained that it is to act before, we are planning on the fields before, we need to act with the win-win logic, and our aim is to completely discuss the soundings in the Black Sea on the agenda of these statements made by the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Fatih Dönmez on channel 7. Stated that this will be started. We will do this operation. A location that we call tuna1. This is the first half of July. We will start the first operation there. his unilateral said it was unacceptable treaty TRT’s live broadcast guest of Tatars Referring to the developments in the Eastern Mediterranean stressed that Turkey is an indispensable presence in the region of the Republic of Turkey and Northern Cyprus of Turkish Republic and Type unfortunately, what they say is important, they continue to think together, a policy of their own, and one that is completely excluded, international relations are making unilateral agreements with some countries. This is not something we will accept. said they could come to how the guarantee is no longer with the condition were not tested here since July 1, Turkish Cypriot branch we have emerged situation can come back to go in to Turkey Northern Cyprus Turkish Republic Prime Minister Tatar Ankara’s support for the corner drew gold North with water Cyprus Turkish Republic of drought a climate also gained many things besides electricity costs down so it can be covered with electricity from Turkey to bring Agenda traces of it have been carried unfolded me of tourism in the region and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

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