There were also three British hosts on the air

There were also three British hosts on the air. James host Kaelaris was the host of the ‘Carrol event desk, and Pansy to Lauren’ Scott and Richard joined ‘TheSimms’ Simms.

Grand Finals Summary – Day One

When the opening ceremony ended and the teams sat down on their computers, the PGC Grand Finals started with a blast. Despite not being positioned by Genesis in the first game, South Korean team Gen.G went into a deadly frenzy and won the first two games of the day.

TSM was disappointing in the first two games, but this changed in the third game of the day. TSM secured the chicken dish and at this time received eight death points. This reached a total of 19 points; this saw them reaching the sixth place, a good but not big leader board.

When the first day of PGC came to an end, we talked to Michael ‘mykLe Wake, a TSM player, and asked if the team would change the game plan after disappointment. He replied

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